Dodgy subject-The European Market aka Common Market

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Dodgy subject-The European Market aka Common Market

Post  saxonsiren on Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:26 pm

Ok big intake of breath and dodges cushions,shoes,tomato's!!! Im fed up of the hype and now the pay back because our economy has recovered faster than expected.Why should we pay that fine when France having money given back because they haven't bounced back! Crazy re different rules.I would like to see set amounts per country and none of this rebate or fines nonsense.Less control from an office miles away.I would even like a referendum re should we stay in?
We do not protect our homegrown produce enough if you go to France all the shops/supermarkets promote/display homegrown fruit and vegetables no foreign variety takes preference.Im all for buying home growm fruit and veg but where is it?
Ok shoot me now for bringing dreaded politics into SCD my apologies.

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