Kevin - from Grimsby

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Re: Kevin - from Grimsby

Post  cellar-door on Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:03 pm

saxonsiren wrote:CD Darren would never have won the trophy on his own without dollgate.Colin was a far superior dancer imo than Darren.Kara won with a huge fanbase with Artem & had a good showdance imo.Chris Hollins not a great dancer but wow that showdance seaked it.

Darren was a very popular celeb, though he wasn't as good a dancer as Colin. In that year, I loved Zoe's showdance, though I didn't like Zoe as a contestant in series 3.  Smile 

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Re: Kevin from Grimsby

Post  mauveangel09 on Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:57 pm

saxonsiren wrote:We will watch the showdance with excitement! & I wonder is it worth a poll? Does the showdance decide the winner of SCD? Smile

Yes it absolutely does - nothing is a done deal in SCD until the Showdance, particularly on a 'close' year.

Darren Gough would never have won without 'Dollgate' - Tom Chambers was not fancied at all as the winner before the moment of the Showdance - Alesha was the favourite and did win but Matt gave her a real run for her money -Harry/Jason/Chelsee - could have gone any way but Harry trumped it on the night due to Chelsee's nerves. Louis had a very dodgy up and down contest, it was by no means sealed for him until that 'Showdance' - conversely our lovely V incent and Dani weren't quite up to it in their Showdance. It was the deciding moment.

I think this is a real year when the Showdance will win or lose the contest for our couples.


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