Greetings from 'Down Under'

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Greetings from 'Down Under'

Post  Sadiesamba on Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:15 am

G'day possums

I'm another one from the facelift rather than Facebook generation (although you can find me there under another name). Great to be back - can't believe that this time last year we were packing up and on our way to Australia.

They don't show the UK version here so thank goodness for YouTube. I miss all the buildup and banter but at least I can work my way through the many posts to feel part of this wonderful extravaganza! We have our own version here but its much more low key - not a patch on SCD but better than nothing. The only downer is that Mel B is one of the presenters (still marginally better than the old geezer who does the UK show,) and If I have heard of more than one of the contestants its a bonus.

(When its 9.00am in the UK its 5.30pm here - until the clocks change in the next few weeks, so most people are fast asleep when I'm active on here. Still, I'm used to talking to myself)

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Re: Greetings from 'Down Under'

Post  saxonsiren on Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:20 pm

Hi Sadie!! Im always awake at stupid o'clock in the early hous so you might find your not alone Very Happy.
Are you enjoying Australia as much?? Anything you really miss?


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Re: Greetings from 'Down Under'

Post  MissingLilia on Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:21 am

And Hello from me, to SadieS.

Absolutely love the colourful outfit... very Aussie and just what we need to cheer us up in these horrible rainy dark autumn days we're having in UK right now.

Bet if you see any 'home' news, you won't be missing the traffic chaos caused by rain (then it'll be by'autumn leaves' and then it will be by 'snow')?

Don't know if I could manage to do without Strictly to keep me sane but have to say for all our moans, it's worth the wait.

Have you been over to the 'Best ever pro dance' thread, yet? Exiles have been posting links there to their favourite group dance and its been a great way to fill in the long hours until the series proper begins.

Like you, I can only come on at odd times ... I'm a part time carer and do a lot of voluntary work, which means I'm not very often at leisure to sit down to log on in 'normal hours', but when I do, it's like 'coming home'.

Anyway, nice to chat and keep signing in! Lil I love you

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Re: Greetings from 'Down Under'

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