Judges - Performances and Mindset

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Judges - Performances and Mindset

Post  CaledonianCraig on Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:37 am

An observation on the judges as I see them midway through the series.

First up I will start with the new head judge Sh.irley Ballas. She is very good with the technicalities and pointing out errors and areas to improve. She does have a tendency for her favourites though (Simon Rimmer was one). Also likes getting her 10 paddle out a little too much. Still at least she got that key decision in last week's dance-off correct. All in all a good addition considering the big shoes she had to fill.

B.runo doesn't really change. Always animated but amidst his zaniness he does make valid points. His nuttiness I don't have a problem with as it adds to the entertainmaint.

C.raig Revel Horwood is still the resident bad boy of the panel. Booed and hissed for his harsh comments and low marks. I see him as being like the glory supporters in football. He'll be all for the absolute best dancers but the ones at a lower level who struggle and will never be winners will not be given his support hence his low marks. You know who C.raig wants rid off each week as he tends to mark them a couple of points lower than the rest. There are some merits to him though. He keeps his 10 paddle well hidden and can offer praise and scorn in the same sentence. I think the dancers take praise from him as the ultimate.

Dar.cy I do have to say she has improved this series. She has got more of a backbone and has been more critical than she used to be. She was once more sugar-coated than a a sugar puff but now she can be cutting with remarks that differ from the rest. Refreshing improvement. However, she still has that annoying habit of glaring at CRH whenever he gives a mark that she doesn't agree with. Mind your own lassie and stick to your marking.

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Re: Judges - Performances and Mindset

Post  jingle on Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:49 am

I'm not entirely happy with the judges this year. In Shirley's case, often her critiques don't tally with her scores, and I'm finding myself quite often agreeing with CRH's scores instead (apart from his 4 to Aston).

But the thing I'm not totally comfortable with is the tone of harshness. In my opinion negative comments always need to be balanced with a few positives, which is something L.en usually did. I felt uncomfortable last night that Mollie and Ruth were holding back the tears by the time they reached Claud, and Gemma was on the verge. Jonnie looked more or less tuned out.

I feel having put so much time and effort into training, it must be so demoralising to face the current panel - just wish they'd be a bit more humane with their comments at times (they can be harsh with their scores instead).

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Re: Judges - Performances and Mindset

Post  saxonsiren on Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:32 pm

I'm quite upset re last night's comments and show down... C,raig yes if your a no hoper he won't be positive and stays in the "keep em down and thrash vocally group" for me C.raig it's Dull, dull, dull darling now No ...

Silver tongued Italian Stallion I felt last night did mainly keep negative with a positive to finish.

Darcey well yes how she has grown in stature and isn't cruel but points out facts with sensitivity. I respect this and liking her an awful lot more.

Shirley the comments not reflecting her weird marking system. How can you mark couples from their dance last week each week scratch . It's on the nights dance surely? Not oh last week an 8 but this week no compared to last week a 6! If Shirley settled with her marks and comments working together I m8ght like her back...

C,raig for me and it's a terrible terrible thought but time for you to go... I get we need a villain at times but you have got more catty more nasty to get a reaction with acid comments, enough....

I'd like 5 members next year no head judge declaring final vote. An ex female pro and male pro on the panel. Shirley possibly. Silver tongued Italian Stallion I can keep yes and Darcey as she has rather grown on me....

One thing must be done thou please please Tess stop holding their bloody hands all the time!

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Re: Judges - Performances and Mindset

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