Tess & C.laudia, Darcey & Shirley

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Tess & C.laudia, Darcey & Shirley

Post  saxonsiren on Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:43 am

A new SCD season and we have 2 female presenters and 2 female judges. Will it be a battle of frocks and shocks between them all? How will Tess be with Shirley? I'd have loved to have seen B,rucie welcome her with "You're my favourite! "
Darcey I'm sure will dress to impress so ill be watching carefully all 4 re accessories and heel sizes!
For me I'd have liked to have seen a change re presenting style, C.laudia with the couples before & after, a new male side kick with Tess or shock horror Tess replaced!

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Re: Tess & C.laudia, Darcey & Shirley

Post  B4p on Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:06 am

Week 2

It's well known that I'm not the biggest fan of Tess, but, I must say that I haven't hit the mute button yet this series. Tess seems to be far more relaxed and interactive with the judges without talking over them or giving her 5 pennorth every few minutes. I've also liked her outfits so far.

Claudia - I like her natural wit, and whoever is getting her dressed so far - well done!

Zoe - please can she wear a least a coloured top now and again. The constant black top and trousers, and her quick speech and movements, makes her look like a crow that's about to pounce. She is tall, beautiful and willowy, so why the constant need for her to dress as a liquorice stick, or a pint of Guinness with her blonde mop?

Shirley - So far, classy and business like. As a dancer, she knows what cut of clothes suits her best, and has the fab figure to show it off without looking like 'mutton dressed as lamb'.

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